Two More Mass Shootings In Miami-Dade In About 24 Hours

The mass gun violence spree in Miami-Dade County continues with two incidents in about 24 hours.

This morning before a man could turn the gun on himself, Miami-Dade police detectives say he killed his girlfriend and a 15-year-old and injured 11-year-old, 16 and 18-year-olds in what's being described as a domestic shooting.

A day earlier as a graduation party at a hookah bar was coming to an end, Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez said, "a couple of cars started casing the area, and they began to shoot into the crowd. There was an exchange of gunfire." He added a car sped off and crashed near Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus. Both people inside died. He says, one was wearing a mask. A gun was also recovered. A third person on the scene died.

No arrests have been made in last week's mass shooting outside a Northwest Miami-Dade banquet hall that left three dead and about two dozen hurt.

The Mayor's Peace and Prosperity Plan to combat gun violence goes in front of a Commission committee tomorrow.

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