Marlins Parks Now LoanDepot Park

For the first time in its nearly twenty year history, the home of the Miami Marlins has a name. Marlins Park is now loanDepot park.

Team CEO Derek Jeter says the multi-year "milestone agreement" came together quickly because they believe in what the Marlins are building, "a national brand looks at us as a perfect partner, and more importantly looking at the South Florida community as a perfect place for them to promote and sponsor homeownership."

LoanDepot founder and CEO Anthony Hsieh agrees this is an ideal partnership. "Florida is a major market for us. It is a vibrant state and certainly having our name associated with this park is very attractive to us beyond just baseball."

While less than 10,000 people will be able to be inside the ballpark for tomorrow's Opening Day, Jeter is cautiously optimistic they'll be able to have a packed house toward the middle of the year.

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