Q&A – Is There Anything Doubtful With Florida’s Vaccine Distribution? Pt. 2

In the first part of today’s Q&A, I outlined allegations made against Governor DeSantis pertaining to two pop-up vaccine sites in Manatee County and two Manatee Commissioners which had an alleged text exchange that’s been called into question. There’s no evidence Governor DeSantis directed anything in Manatee County even if we’re to assume the worst from the text and innuendo.

Governor DeSantis indicated Manatee become a focus for expanded vaccinations because they were lagging other part of the state in vaccinations up to that point. The beauty of this process is that we receive daily vaccine reports from the Florida Department of Health and can fact check what’s happened across the state. Using Saturday’s Vaccine Report from the FDOH, Manatee County’s share of total vaccinations was 2.1%.

Manatee County’s share of vaccines is near identical to their population. There’s no clear indication they’ve been specifically favored because they’re a Republican stronghold.

The net-net of it is that Florida’s three largest populations of Democrats account for 28.6% of Florida’s population and have administered 29% of the state’s vaccines. So, just to be clear, Florida’s Democrat strongholds have received more vaccines than the rest of the state as a whole including Republican strongholds like Manatee County.

Photo by: CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

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