Florida News That Impact You – March 5th, 2021

The Florida Department of Health reported 6,014 new COVID-19 cases Thursday.That’s the best since November 12th.

Florida’s finally seeing follow-through on the promised increase in first-dose vaccines. While current supplies still aren’t equitable to what we had the week of January 17th, this week’s vaccines have produced the most first-dose vaccinations since January 22nd.

On that note, Publix, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens pharmacies are all now offering vaccines to all teachers regardless of age. The decision was made a day after CVS broke with the state’s guidelines citing the Biden administration’s guidance instead.

Florida’s Office of the Chief Inspector General has concluded the ten-month long investigation ordered by Governor DeSantis into Florida’s failed Connect unemployment system. The 95-page report details systemic failures with the system starting with the launch. According to the IG, the Connect System was never tested per the standards mandated in the contract with Deloitte Consulting in 2013 prior to going live. Additionally, dozens of issues flagged by state auditors over the years weren’t acted on by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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