Sneaky Instagram Hack Shows You Who Is Stalking Your Significant Other

If you've ever posted a cute photo of yourself and your significant other on Instagram, you probably tagged them in it. Of course, you know that some of your followers who see the pic will then wind up checking out your partner's profile. Well have you ever wondered exactly who might be doing that? Now there is a way to find out, and it's pretty sneaky.

TikTok user @Meganvplatts shared the hack, which is really ingenious. What she did was put up a photo in IG Stories of herself and her boyfriend, then she added a poll on top of it. Usually, the poll gives followers two options and the person who posted it can see a list of the results, including who voted for what.

Well in the hack, you only need one side of the poll, using it to write your loved one's IG name, and hiding the other option off-screen so it doesn't look like a poll at all, rather just like you've tagged someone. Then, when people click the tag to check out that person's profile, instead of being able to do some stalking it will only "count as a vote," and show you that they tried to look at your partner.

*Note: The music in the video uses profane language*

People feel all kinds of ways about the hack, with one commenting, "I'm laughing way too hard right now because I'm imagining their faces when they realize," and another stating, "I just did this and 100 people clicked."

Meanwhile, some folks don't think it is fair, writing things like, "Looking at someone's profile doesn't mean anything. This is so jealous and insecure," and "I'm nosy though I'm not trying to steal anyone's man."

Photo: Getty Images

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