How Florida Lottery Money Is Distributed

The silver lining for many who play the lottery is that while they may not win, at least money is going to education. But how much? The answer is about a quarter out of every dollar. Over the past year, the Florida Lottery paid winners 66.5%. Education got the next big number with 25.5%, followed by retailers with 5.6%, ticket vendors at 1.4%, and 1.0% admin fees.

So once lottery winnings have been paid out, 76% of the proceeds went directly to education within the state last year. Over the past reported year that resulted in $61 million for Broward, $124 million for Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach with $57 million.

So, when you play the lottery the majority of what you lose does end up in the pocket of the eventual winners but for what’s left-over, three-quarters of it does end up in our schools.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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