Q&A – Harvard’s Election Integrity Project And Media Bias

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Today’s entry: The election integrity story is an interesting one. If my memory is correct, you had another Harvard story awhile back about faith which was ignored by news reporters as well. I’m noticing a trend that when Harvard produces research the left likes, they report on it and when they don’t, they sit on it.

Bottom Line: This note comes following my recent dissemination of Harvard’s Election Integrity Project. The project, notably conducted last year giving states the opportunity to act in advance of this year’s elections, illustrated the US is among the worst in the world when it comes to election integrity. Specifically, we rank last in the developed world and 57th overall in election integrity. According to accredited work from Harvard. And yet, to your point, it was and still is, being ignored by news media. This isn’t the first time it’s happened with a major issue in recent years. What you’re referencing is a story I brought you in the fall of 2018 entitled: Harvard Study – Faith improves mental health outcomes. As I’ve long said, the most pervasive form of bias in news media is omission. Your reminder regarding the faith-based study is timely given the pandemic.

In the name of the virus, many authorities have tabled mental health considerations in the name of lockdown and isolation policies. I want to be crystal clear about something. In the extensive research that I’ve done regarding health outcomes related to COVID-19 this year, those suffering from mental health issues related to pandemic losses and isolation are far more dangerous than the virus itself to all but the most vulnerable to it in our society. Prior to Thanksgiving, I mentioned my family would be getting together for the holiday. We all wear masks when appropriate and are otherwise careful, but we also weren’t going to allow politicians or a virus to keep us from being together during holidays.

None of us are promised tomorrow, let alone next year’s holidays. Research has shown isolation is hardest on people during the holidays. Using facts, research, and love, my family will continue to prioritize each other during this holiday season. For most families, it’s probably more important to spend the holidays together this year than in previous years. With that in mind, my family will be spending Christmas together as well. With Hanukah here and Christmas around the corner, I hope families remain safe while prioritizing their loved ones as well. It’s possible to do both.

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