Florida News That Impact You – December 10th

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This is a recap of some of the biggest news from around the state that impact South Floridians. Florida is among the 17 states backing the Texas lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin’s election results. Attorney General Ashley Moody stated, "The integrity and resolution of the 2020 election is of paramount importance. The United States Supreme Court should weigh the legal arguments of the Texas motion and all pending matters so that Americans can be assured the election was fairly reviewed and decided". At issue in the four states cited in the lawsuit, are changes made to voting procedures by state and local government officials. Under Constitutional law, only state legislatures have the authority to alter a state’s voting procedures. The United States Supreme Court will decide whether to take up the challenges directly. 

Additionally, AG Moody also was among the 48 Attorney Generals to join the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. The lawsuit alleges anticompetitive behavior by Facebook aimed at eliminating potential competition to their social media empire. Most at issue are the acquisitions of Instagram and What’s App in their earlier stages.

In other news, CPAC will be held in Orlando next year. The Conservative Political Action Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Conference Center from February 25th-28th.

Lastly, Florida’s weekly average COVID-19 case count dropped for a second consecutive day, this after two consecutive weeks of increases. Florida is gearing up for the expected approval of Pfizer’s vaccine candidate today. It’s possible South Floridians will begin to have access to the vaccine this weekend. Florida is set to receive 180,000 doses of the vaccine in the initial shipment to state.

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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