Q&A – Broward & Palm Beach County’s 2018 Elections Vs. 2020

Today’s entry: Just wondering if you knew where I could find material on the fractional voting that occurred in Florida in 2018. There is a lot of online material on the 2018 election issues in Broward County but I was hoping to specifically locate data on the fractional voting piece.

Bottom Line: In the four weeks since Election Day, I’ve used the example of elections in Broward and Palm Beach County in 2018 compared to 2020 to illustrate why it’s so important to root out corruption and incompetence everywhere it exists. This to me is the most important reason for investigating and pursuing challenges where illegalities appeared to exist. The outcome of the Presidential election, as important as it is, is a secondary consideration. We’ve seen the profound difference having competent officials and proper voting systems makes inside of two years. What I haven’t discussed specifically this cycle are the broken laws by each supervisor in 2018 which didn’t occur this time. It’s instructive because of similarities within states and cities in question this cycle. 

In all, six laws were broken by both supervisors of elections each, and two court orders pertaining to those broken laws were ignored by both. These are the violations that led to the ouster of Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher. Everything else pertaining to voter fraud in 2018 is speculative, including allegations regarding fractionalized voting irregularities, so I’ll avoid discussing it, though it’s reasonable to think that what was evidenced wasn’t the extent of the misfeasance. Here’s the point as it applies to 2020’s elections.

Separately, Brenda Snipes engaged in voter fraud when she personally placed disqualified votes into a batch of eligible qualifying votes and tabulated them into Broward’s count. In Palm Beach County Susan Bucher, used the Sequoia voting system which was determined by the state of Florida to be insufficient to operate elections in 2010. Specifically, in 2018, it wasn’t capable of processing a full recount of all elections which required a recount by the state’s deadline. This is the system owned by Dominion Voting systems that’s at the root of the Venezuelan programming controversy in numerous districts in question this cycle.

First, every Sequoia voting system in the US needs to be removed from use. Second, states make election laws. There are similar violations to what I’ve described in cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta among others. While pandemic excuses have been used to flout election laws in these states, along with a bogus report of a water main break in Atlanta, officials who don’t follow the law should be removed. In fact, this has already happened in two Georgia counties where votes were found to have not been counted. It’s a public disservice when news media outlets conclude the Presidential election won’t change and therefore there isn’t a story to cover or an investigation that needs to be conducted. We need the follow-through we had in South Florida two years ago to take place everywhere across the country where versions of Bucher and Snipes are still running elections. That should be the focus. Demanding honest and fair elections shouldn’t be controversial or an extraordinary ask. Many across the country are talking about how Florida should now be the model of how to run elections. Cleaning up Broward and Palm Beach Counties was central to making it happen.

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