Florida News That Impact You In South Florida

This is a recap of some of the biggest news from around the state that impacts you in South Florida.

Let's start with Governor DeSantis. He said Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation will prevent local governments from shuttering restaurants or placing unnecessary hurdles on them going forward. Quoting DeSantis: (Businesses) Need certainty...Everyone in Florida has the right to work. Everyone in Florida has the right to operate a business. Now there can be reasonable regulations on that at the local level, but to say no at this point from the local perspective, I don’t think that that’s viable. Governor DeSantis also indicated that the 50% indoor seating capacity at restaurants will soon be lifted. 

In other news, AdventHealth announced the results of a COVID-19 treatment study based in Ocala. It's called the ICAM protocol. Advent reported “near-perfect” results. The protocol aimed at boosting one’s immunity had a 96.4 success rate in treating those critically ill with COVID-19. The lead doctor conducting the study said, "We had no need for mechanical ventilation and the patients all survived the discharge regardless of age and regardless of past medical history. The ICAM protocol has the potential to trigger the reopening of the country".

Lastly, let's talk about Florida’s Division of Elections releasing voter registration through August 31st. The latest registration totals show Republicans now have more registered voters than Democrats in 2020, narrowing the registration gap to the lowest level in state history.

Photo by: Getty Images

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