PBC Health Director Says College Kids Are Engaged In Dangerous Behavior

The Palm Beach County Commission received an update Tuesday on the local coronavirus response.

While the numbers have been heading in the right direction overall, County Health Director Dr. Alina Alonso says the age group of the greatest concern continues to be those between 15 and 44 years old.

She talked about college students who are getting together in large gatherings.

"The house parties or what's very popular now is the gathering at parking lots late at night and then having tailgate parties. So they have found a new venture to be able to gather and have fun."

Dr. Alonso also said she doesn't expect to see high positivity among kids in elementary and middle schools.

County Vice Mayor Robert Weinroth had this advice.

"Please continue to be vigilant. Continue to be safe. With your children coming home from school, I think it would be a good practice to make sure that they wash their hands quickly when they come home, so they're not bringing something home to the family."

Photo: Getty Images

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