Judge Sets A Hearing On Lawsuit Filed Against The Reopening Of PBC Schools

A lawsuit was filed on Friday by several teachers in an attempt to force classes to remain online-only, just ahead of in-person classes beginning Monday.

A Palm Beach County Circuit Judge late Friday rejected a request for an injunction to halt brick-and-mortar instruction until an emergency hearing could be held. Judge Glenn Kelley ruled he wasn't going to take a drastic step without giving school district officials a chance to weigh in.

Attorney Barry Silver, representing seven teachers and the husband of another educator, sent school board attorneys the lawsuit by email on Friday.

There will be a hearing on a lawsuit from teachers in Palm Beach County who want to stop the return to classrooms.

A judge on Monday set a hearing on the emergency motion for Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Six of the teachers taking part in the lawsuit say their requests for remote-work assignments were denied even though their ages or underlying health conditions make them vulnerable to serious complications from the coronavirus.

One school board member weighed in on Facebook over the weekend.

Dr. Debra Robinson wrote in part that she is "heartsick" and claimed the reopening plan is "just wrong."

She says with teachers instructing both in-person and online at the same time means the students staying at home will lose.

Photo: Getty Images

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