Coffee Tables Panes in the Glass

Here's a new one.

One of the most dangerous things in your home may be your glass-top coffee table.

Researchers at Rutgers are now calling for stricter governmental oversight and regulations.

The issue is the use of tempered glass, or the lack of it. Tempered glass is stronger and won't shatter or break into jagged shards that are more likely to cut or cause serious wounds.

Most of the injuries happened to kids under age seven or young adults in their 20s. About 70% of the people injured were men.

According to a Rutgers news release:

“It is imperative to push for stricter regulation as consumers of glass tables should not be incurring life-threatening trauma injuries due to neglect of manufacturers in not using tempered glass,” said study author Stephanie Bonne, an assistant professor of surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Each year, more than 2.5-million glass table injuries are reported, sending many vicitms to emergency rooms.

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