Palm Beach Bar Workers Have Mouthful For County Commission

Palm Beach County Commissioners heard again yesterday from people who work in the bar industry.

"To have to look at someone that you love and tell them that you really have no idea where your next meal is coming from...I can't put into words what that feels like."

Kenneth Gray is a worker for an adult entertainment business, who explained that his life has been turned completely upside down.

"As of from March when our jobs got shut down, my wife and myself, we went literally from having a two-income household to living in our vehicle in about two months."

When the state announced that bars could reopen across the state, the county reminded business owners that they are exempt from that because the staggered approach to Phase 2 doesn't allow it.

Here's what Angelique Contreras had to say during the public comment period.

"How hard is that for somebody that's having the struggle that they do listen to the governor say bars were allowed to open and our county comes out and says 'Nope! Not you!' It's not fair guys."

The businesses were not given approval to reopen on Tuesday, but there was talk about making CARES Act dollars available for those left closed for more than six months.

"What I would like us to do is direct staff to look at reallocating some of these dollars that have not been allocated, specifically to the businesses that have been forced to be closed."

Commissioner Gregg Weiss reminded the community that the coronavirus is still with us and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Commissioner Hal Valeche wants to do away with the incremental Phase 2 that the county approved.

"My proposal would be that we scrap the timeline completely and let every business contemplated under the governor's Phase 2 be allowed to reopen immediately."

During the commission meeting, a group that manages strip clubs provided the county with a proposed safety protocol plan.

Public comments can be seen in the above video, starting about 2 and a half hours in.

Photo: Getty Images

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