South Florida City Proposes $421,000 In Police Budget Cuts

The city of Delray Beach is proposing cuts to the police department, even though officials admit it could impact the safety of residents.

Cuts to the agency include reducing overtime and forcing to decrease the "level of service by only responding to calls for service rather than proactively working on ensuring safety of residents, businesses and visitors." That's according to the proposal that was presented during a public hearing for the next fiscal year's budget last week.

A $421,000 budget cut for the police department is under consideration.

One commissioner says all departments in the city have made budget cuts and that some of them correlate with the pandemic.

The city's budget shortfall is close to a reported $3.5 million.

Delray Beach commissioners and the mayor voted to nearly triple their salaries last month.

The city holds a public hearing in one week, where the new budget will be approved.

Image: City of Delray Beach

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