Palm Beach Principals Say Schools Are Not Prepared To Reopen

While Monroe County schools reopen to students today, Palm Beach County campuses reopen one week from today.

According to the latest update from the school district, 77 percent of parents have responded to a survey regarding a return to in-person instruction. Of the 175,000 students across local public schools, so far 60 thousand have committed to returning to campus.

Meanwhile, Palm Beach County school principals claim the district is not prepared to reopen classrooms next week.

The association representing the principals and assistant principals is appealing for "immediate action" to address safety concerns. They claim Superintendent Donald Fennoy is over-promising to the public a smooth opening, but the likelihood is the district will under-deliver. They accuse Fennoy of a lack of leadership and “a complete absence of clear-cut communication.”

Fennoy contends that extensive safety measures are in place at the district's 180 school campuses.

He says schools are as prepared as they can be given logistical challenges and the realities of the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: Getty Images

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