Sheriff "Not Concerned" About Beaches Being Open For Labor Day Weekend

As long as the weather permits it, you'll be able to go to the beach this weekend.

Only the town of Palm Beach is closing their beaches, but county operated beaches will be open for the Labor Day weekend.

When it comes to the coronavirus, here's what Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has to say...

"I'm more concerned about personal parties...groups of 10, 15, 20 people in an area, and not the beaches. I'm really not that concerned about that."

He cites the experts who say the virus does not spread as easily when you're outdoors.

The county reminds us that Peanut Island remains closed and under an emergency order, anchoring or mooring of boats on sandbars, islands and open shorelines is still prohibited.

"The restrictions are 50 feet apart on the boats so if you've got them tied up and they're beached next to each other then, that ain't gonna work. That's too close and then we're getting back to the party barges, so that's what that's all about."

And he's not concerned about the Trumptilla planned for Monday, because these have been held before and the boaters have followed the rules.

"I know they had like 1,000 boats before and they did fine. They kept moving."

Sheriff Bradshaw also spoke about the passing of Deputy Maurice Ford. The 50-year old corrections deputy died from COVID-19 last week.

We asked if he caught the virus in the line of duty.

"You don't know for sure. It's a presumptive that it's on the job. He had some underlying health problems that probably added to it."

He says it's a reminder that we all have to take the coronavirus seriously.

"That's what we try to tell people. You've gotta be careful not only while you're working but when you're not working you've gotta be careful that you're following all the rules when you're not here and you're in your off time."

Deputy Ford leaves behind a wife and son.

He was the second PBSO deputy to die from COVID-19. 38-year old Sergeant Diaz Ayala passed away in April.

Image: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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