Man Who Pulled Gun On Walmart Shopper Over Mask Fight Won't Face Charges

Charges have been dropped against a man who pulled a gun on another customer at Walmart during an argument over face masks.

According to court records, the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office said that although there was probable cause to arrest 28-year old Vincent Scavetta, the current evidence doesn't prove all the "legally required elements" of the crime that he's accused of and isn't sufficient to support a criminal prosecution.

Scavetta was arrested at the Royal Palm Beach Walmart in July, when he was caught on video pulling a gun on a man and his daughter after that man said he should be wearing a mask.

Scavetta said he walked into the store with a mask on, but took it off when he had trouble breathing and his glasses fogged up. He also claimed the other man hit him in the head with the tip of his umbrella.

Scavetta has a valid concealed carry permit.


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