COVID-19 July 24th Update

Thursday brought about better news across the country and in Florida. The United States has seen a steady decline in the weekly average of new cases since Sunday. There are now 4,169,991 cases, 147,333 deaths, and 1,979,617 recoveries in the US. For Florida, we’ve now had a full week of declines in average daily cases reported. As of this entry, Florida has 389,868 cases, 5,520 deaths, and 39,951 recoveries. What we’re starting to see, as the US is improving, is that the rest of the world once again appears to be having a harder time containing the virus. The trend in daily deaths is still rising stateside but that’s to be expected given last week’s peak in cases. If we continue to improve on the progress from this week, those numbers will begin to decline next week. For those most negatively impacted by the virus, days 7-10 are the most critical.

In Florida, despite cases topping 10,000 once again yesterday, the total was over 3,700 fewer than Thursday of last week and the total average of daily cases has been 1,200+ fewer daily this week than last. The improved seven-day trend in cases remains intact. Headlines centered around it being the deadliest day yet of the pandemic in Florida with 173 diagnosed cases reported, but again, it’s to be expected given last week’s peak in our state. This will almost certainly improve as we head towards next week. South Florida remains the epicenter of the pandemic in Florida. 

The importance of using proper safety measures like wearing masks in public and socially distancing remains.

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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