Q&A – It’s Up To You To Take Back Our Schools

Today’s entries:1) How come Publix employees can go to work every day because they are essential, but school teachers are not essential? What a joke. Send us our tax $ back.

2) Your next step is to build a coalition of taxpayers demanding a rebate on your ad valorem taxes that fund the school system and teacher’s union.

3) Where are our 'leaders on the conservative side doing something to start a national or state by state movement? Levin has written books on this, Beck too, Rush talks all the time but where are their actions to rally the masses?! Where are our 'founders' to rally us against the tyranny of local state officials ruling us by decree and taking away our rights !? Can you please ask Mark to see if he and his firm can start something?

Bottom Line: These are just a few of the notes I received following my interview with CDC Director Robert Redfield, in which he clearly stated the best public health policy is currently one which includes classroom education. To which I pointed out the hypocrisy of all South Florida school districts which have stated we should follow science and health experts. I picked these because there are instructive discussions to be had.

First, regarding the comparison of teachers to essential workers like Publix employees. You’re right. Any teacher who has chosen to go into a grocery store, or any other store, restaurant, etc., but backs the Florida Education Associations lawsuit is inherently a hypocrite. But that’s not all. The reason, over four months into the pandemic, that we still have essential workers left to work, is that it’s safe, provided proper safety measures are used. Multiple studies have shown masks and social distancing to be more effective than lockdowns. This is further evidenced by what happened in New York. Notice how the worst of the pandemic in the United States occurred when New York was locked down but has significantly improved since they reopened with a high level of compliance with masks and social distancing in the city. Teachers naturally have the ability to socially distance themselves from students while wearing masks and using good hygiene. Again, science and our top health experts are clear on this, it's the teacher’s unions and local school districts who are now science deniers. 

Since we do have the school districts opting for online-only options, we do need a full accounting of what’s happening with our money. We should be demanding refunds from our school districts and property tax relief. I’ve illustrated an approximate $450 per pupil, per month savings which comes with online-only learning. As I broke out yesterday, 89% of funding for our schools comes from taxes paid within the state and the top funding source comes from our property taxes. I find it unconscionable that teacher unions and school districts would deny science, our top healthcare experts, and yet still tax struggling South Floridians at the same level, which will result in many South Floridians losing their homes and businesses. 

Lastly, rather than looking to those of us in talk radio to be the ones to organize movements in South Florida’s communities, this is where you are needed. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to investigate, research, and disseminate information to you and physically organize as well. That’s not to say there isn’t more taking place behind the scenes than meets the eye. One day, I might write a book about what’s happened behind the scenes during this moment in history to ensure honest elections in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, prevent rampant illegal immigration in South Florida, and uncover deep state actors responsible for creating the bogus Trump-Russia collusion narrative. For now, this is your time. Take the facts, share them with your neighbors, engage civically. This includes voting, participating in school board meetings, town halls, etc. This issue is one that transcends partisan politics. There isn’t a family in South Florida who wouldn’t want a significant tax break on property taxes. Parents do want the best possible education for their children and it just so happens that those most negatively impacted are those most vulnerable in our communities. This is your time to begin to take back schools from interests that serve the education establishment rather than our communities.

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