Illegal Immigration Continues To Decrease During COVID-19

In May, I first reported on the impact of the pandemic on illegal immigration. Based on data from the US Customs and Border Protection agency, we saw a remarkable 85% decline in illegal border crossings during the first two months of the pandemic. When I drilled down further the prominent reason why became evident. The rise in illegal immigration had been led by organizers putting caravans together and helping them illegally enter the United States. Two years ago, at the peak of the caravan crossings at our southern border, I exposed the front organization behind the proliferation of caravans. Chicago based Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras regularly used radio and print advertising in select countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, to encourage participation in the caravans. They provided food, toiletries, and arranged for transportation for participation in the caravans. Additionally, representatives from the organization coached illegal immigrants on what to say to seek asylum in the United States in an effort to overwhelm the US immigration system. So, what’s happened during the pandemic? No fundraising events in the United States and thus no organizing south of our border. The change in illegal border crossings year over year through the first six months of the year looks like this.

  • 2019: 596,435
  • 2020: 180,187

That’s a 70% year over year decline in illegal border crossings at our Southern Border. No professional organizing of illegal crossings, and a 70% decline in illegal immigration. It’s unlikely the coronavirus has slowed would be illegals down. It has slowed down the American leftist front organization which produces illegal immigration.

Photo by: AFP/Getty Images

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