Social Distancing And Masks; How Effective Are They At Stopping COVID-19

As in three scientific studies conducted on the effectiveness of the use of masks, and all three say the same thing. Masks are highly effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. There’s an inconvenient truth happening right now. We’re seeing a spike in new cases as reopening and mass protests are happening. In other words, for as much poo as we were shoveled at the onset of this pandemic, which turned out not to be true, like masks not really being that effective, most experts have been right about the reopening and protest concerns. It’s not just going away because it’s almost summer and we want it to. In fact, in Florida, the spread of the virus is currently the worst it’s been since the pandemic began and naturally South Florida is the epicenter of activity. So simply saying screw it, I’m pretending this isn’t a problem, isn’t the best idea anyone has had, and it certainly isn’t the healthiest. For that reason, paying attention to what’s most effective to stop the spread is smart and being stubborn isn’t. 

Look around you when you’re out and about. How many people are social distancing? How many are wearing masks when in closed public spaces? That’s why we’re having these spikes. That’s why this problem is getting worse. And more than a month after the first scientific study revealed masks reduce the spread by greater than 66% and a second confirmed those findings, we have a third. And this one goes deeper than the others. The study published in the medical journal the Lancet found: 

  • The use of masks reduces the spread of COVID-19 by an average of 85%
  • Social distancing by as little as three feet reduces spread by 77%
  • The use of masks in public are equally effective as compared to medical staff at hospitals
  • N95 masks are 96% effective & basic masks are 77% effective

The top takeaway from the scientists. The universal use of masks in public. In fact, when wearing a mask and social distancing by just three feet your odds of catching COVID-19 from someone who has it just three feet from you drops to only 3%. This really isn’t complicated, but the question is will we listen. I’d much rather completely reopen the economy, stay healthy and get used to masks than any of the alternatives. Hopefully you feel the same way. It’s in all our best interests. 

Photo by: Getty Images

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