COVID-19 June 23rd Update

The news was a mixed bag on Monday. Brazil remains the world’s hottest spot and overall, worldwide, new cases increased yesterday over Sunday. There are now 9,202,386 cases, 474,662 deaths, and 4,953,780 recoveries worldwide. Closer to home, for the third out of four days, the US had greater than 30,000 new cases after having consistently been below 20,000 early in June. As of this entry, we have 2,388,225 cases, 122,611 deaths, and 1,003,062 recoveries. In Florida, we dropped below three thousand new cases for the first day since last Wednesday. We now have 100,217 cases, 3,176 deaths, and 19,517 recoveries. It made the news that Florida topped 100,000 cases yesterday, but the biggest issues remain in California and Texas, which both topped 5,000 new cases yesterday in what was the worst day for each of those states yet.

In Florida, we had 2,926 new diagnosed cases on Monday along with 12 additional deaths, the fewest in a day since the prior Monday. Unfortunately, South Florida remains the epicenter of the virus with Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties having the most cases in that order. There are also three new hotspots according to the Florida Department of Health in South Florida. One additional hotspot in Palm Beach County and two in Broward. There are now 55 zip codes in South Florida that are hotspots.

The overall positive test rate continues to rise as well in Florida. After reaching a low of 5.2% around three weeks ago, the rate since testing began has now risen back to 6.2%. We’re seeing the spike in cases coming from both an increase in testing and predominantly from increased community spread. The average age of someone diagnosed with COVID-19 continues to drop. The average diagnosed Floridian has been 43. We’re continuing to see the fastest increase coming from those between the ages of 25-34, which likely speaks to younger adults being more reckless and less likely to follow safety protocols.

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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