Art Restorer Botches Baroque Painting

Art restoration is a tricky business, and it looks like there's been another fail.

A private art collector spent nearly $1,400 to restore a baroque painting of the Virgin Mary. If that price sounds like a bargain, the collector got what he paid for.

See the Before and After photos here.

The owner wanted to have Bartolome Esteban Murillo's painting of the Immaculate Conception cleaned and repaird.

The soft, delicate features of the original were lost in the restoration and a second attempt to clean up the painting only made it worse.

The botched restoration job has echoes of the “Monkey Christ” eight years ago when a devout parishioner attempted to restore a painting of Christ on the wall of a church in the north-eastern Spanish town of Borja.

The Ecce Homo Jesus fresco was 'restored' by the untrained artist Cecilia Gimenez in 2012.

Initially painted around 1930 by the Spanish painter Elias Garcia Martinez, the altered fresco was widely slammed for making Jesus look like a monkey.

Image Courtesy Getty

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