COVID-19 June 22nd Update

Cutting to the chase, it was the worst weekend yet since the pandemic began. This included the two highest days for newly diagnosed cases worldwide and in Florida since testing began. In the US we had the highest daily diagnosed counts since May 1st and there are now more people battling COVID-19, what are known as active cases, around the world, in the US and here in Florida, than at any prior point. We’ve also seen an increase in related deaths as an average of around 5,000 people per day.

Brazil remains the world’s top hotspot outside of the US, as they now have over a million diagnosed cases. Worldwide, there are now 9,060,780 cases, 470,939 deaths and 4,847,018 recoveries. In the US, California, Texas, and Florida are the hotspots. Three warm weather states which fared well early on in the pandemic. It’s evident heat and humidity aren’t enough to slow the virus down, even with summer officially here. Right now in the US, there are 2,356,715 cases, 122,248 deaths, and 980,367 recoveries.

In Florida, there are now 97,291 cases, 3,164 deaths, and 18,994 recoveries. Our climb in cases continued to spike with new highs being reached again and again over the weekend, including our first 4k plus day. From Friday through Sunday Florida had 11,365 new cases and 100 deaths. South Florida remains the epicenter of the virus with Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties having the most cases in that order. Here are the South Florida hotspots right now.

Both Broward and Palm Beach County added another new hot spot over the weekend while Miami-Dade added nine. The overall positive test rate continues to rise as well in Florida. After reaching a low of 5.2% around three weeks ago, the rate since testing began has now risen back to 6.1% while the average age of someone diagnosed with COVID-19 continues to drop. The average diagnosed Floridian has been 44. We’re continuing to see the fastest increase coming from those between the ages of 25-34, which likely speaks to younger adults being more reckless and less likely to follow safety protocols. We’re seeing the spike in cases coming from both an increase in testing and community spread.

Despite the most recent news, Florida continues to outperform the country overall. Florida is now 7th in total cases nationally while the state is 10th in deaths. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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