COVID-19 June 19th Update

The US had its highest daily reported new case count since May 21st on Thursday with now 2,263,749 cases, 120,688 deaths, and 931,076 recoveries. This was in large part due to Florida having its worst day yet for new cases during the pandemic. With recent spikes in cases, the US and Florida currently have the most active cases of COVID-19 yet during the pandemic. This is not the time to get careless and let your guard down. Outside of the US, Brazil remains the world’s top hotspot and they’re set to pass a million cases this weekend. As of now, there are 8,594,854 cases, 456,649 deaths, and 4,546,496 recoveries worldwide.

In Florida, we have 85,926 cases, 3,064 deaths, and 16,551 recoveries. Yesterday, 3,207 new cases were reported along with 43 deaths. South Florida remains the epicenter of the virus with Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties having the most cases in that order. 

The overall positive test rate also rose in Florida Thursday, with now 5.7% of all tests coming back positive since testing began. The peak was 11% around six weeks ago, however, the low was 5.2% two weeks ago. Testing has increased by approximately 30% in Florida in June, however, the increase in cases has been greater than 300% over that same time. This illustrates that the spike in cases isn’t due to just an increase in testing but a significant increase in community spread as well. This reinforces the importance of adhering to the warnings of public officials including social distancing and wearing masks in public. The average age of a Floridian diagnosed with the virus remains 46. Despite the most recent news Florida continues to outperform the country overall. Florida is now 7th in total cases nationally, having passed Pennsylvania in total cases Thursday, while the state is now 10th in deaths. Florida is the third-most populous state. With over 120,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19, it is the deadliest virus in the United States since the 1918 pandemic which killed over 600,000 Americans.

Photo by: Getty Images

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