Balloon Company Looks To Launch To Edge of Space

A new kind of launch will soon be lifting off at the Kennedy Space Center.

A company called Space Perspective is launching a new balloon ride that will carry guests to the edge of space.

Spaceship Neptune is a balloon with a pressurized cabin that will climb 30-miles into the stratosphere. The ship has room for eight, a bar, and even a toilet.

The six-hour flight starts with a high-altitude climb at about 12-mph. You'll descend and splashdown in the Atlantic where a recovery ship will be waiting.

Test flights from the Florida coast will start next year. Paying passengers are expected by 2023, and they'll be paying a lot. The company estimates that tickets will cost about $125,000 each. That means a sold-out cabin will generate $1-million-dollars per ride.

The company says Spaceship Neptune would be an ideal wedding venue, for a small group.

The balloon and sister ships could launch from locations all around the world.

Image courtesy Getty

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