COVID-19 June 17th Update

Tuesday produced the highest daily case count of the pandemic yet. That was true around the world, with nearly 143,000 new diagnosed cases. There are now, 8,274,587 cases, 446,390 deaths, and 4,333,411 recoveries. Brazil continues to be the world’s biggest hotspot and the US continued to see an increase in the rate of new cases as well with over 25,000 yesterday. That brought these new totals, 2,208,402 cases, 119,132 deaths, 903,042 recoveries.

In Florida, we now have 80,109 cases, 2,996 deaths and15,690 recoveries. There was a greater than 1,000 new case jump with 2,783 newly diagnosed cases on Tuesday. The past six days have all included higher case counts than all prior days since testing in Florida began in March. This has led to Florida having its highest active case count during the pandemic.

South Florida remains the epicenter of the virus with Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County having the most cases in that order. The overall positive test rate also rose in Florida Tuesday with 5.5% of all tests coming back positive. The peak was 11% around six weeks ago, however, the low was 5.2% two weeks ago. This illustrates that the spike in cases isn’t due to just an increase in testing but an increase in the community spread as well. 

This reinforces the importance of adhering to the warnings of public officials including social distancing and wearing masks in public. The average age of a Floridian diagnosed with the virus remains 46. Despite the most recent news Florida continues to outperform the country overall. Florida is 8th in total cases nationally while the state is now 10th in deaths. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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