COVID-19 June 16th Update

Monday brought similar news to what we’ve seen over the past week. Brazil continues to be the world’s biggest hot spot and now there are 8,128,490 cases, 439,421 deaths, and 4,242,154 recoveries worldwide. The US continues to pace around 20,000 new cases daily, with a total of 2,182,950 cases, 118,283 deaths, and 889,866 recoveries. Florida is still seeing its highest levels of new cases since the pandemic began with 77,326 cases and 2,941 deaths.

Picking up on some of those points, the United States has seen a steady decline in total active cases of coronavirus through June 4th. However, since June 4th we’ve seen a daily increase in active cases, and currently, just under 1.2 million Americans are infected with the virus. This equals the highest day for total active cases since the outbreak in the US started. The timing coincides with protests, which is a separate story today. 

In Florida, we had 1,758 new diagnosed cases but only seven related deaths yesterday. Florida’s currently at its highest level of active cases as we’re continuing to see spikes with younger Floridians. This might also account for the lower level of deaths reported due to the virus despite higher case counts. South Florida remains the epicenter of the virus with Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County having the most cases in that order though Palm Beach County is now only 71 cases behind Broward and already has more deaths attributed to the virus. 

The overall positive test rate in Florida remained at 5.4% Monday. This reinforces the importance of adhering to the warnings of public officials including social distancing and wearing masks in public. The average age of a Floridian diagnosed with the virus has now dropped from 54 to 46. Despite the most recent news, Florida continues to outperform the country overall. 

Photo by: Getty Images South America

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