The Silent Majority Supports The Police

Injustice is wrong, period. We know George Floyd was needlessly killed by a police officer with three others standing by while it happened. They must be held fully accountable. Referencing a saying my father used in describing police, there are few people worse than a bad cop but few better than a good cop and thankfully most are good cops. The role of police in our society is important. To that end, it’s critical that we support our police and encourage “good cops” to pursue law enforcement careers. Where would we be without them? What’s played out in the wake of the protests and the defund police movement might have your thinking you’re now in the minority in your support of law enforcement and fearful for what might come next. This is another case where you might not be as loud as those seeking to defund but you’re solidly in the majority. 

Gallup has studied support for American institutions since 1993. Law enforcement’s support most recently has been just about as solid as it’s ever been. The most recent Gallup update shows that 53% of Americans strongly support our police while 17% don’t. Overall, 84% of Americans have confidence in our police. 

Even right now, in the middle of this news cycle 72% of Americans, including most Blacks, support their local police. That's according to a new Rasmussen poll. The bottom line is that there’s been very little change in our collective confidence and support for law enforcement over the years, despite what you see and hear on TV. What’s important is not to let the overwhelming minority in this country dispirit the hundreds of thousands of police officers who go to work daily to keep us safe. We shouldn’t let them convince would be good cops that they shouldn’t enter the profession. We also shouldn’t let them make 100% of society less safe by enacting radical policies to defund and dispatch law enforcement agencies which are the only barrier between us and chaos. 

You’re in the majority but with only 12% average turnout in municipal elections in South Florida over the past decade, the question is are you represented? All elections have consequences and often those closest to you have the biggest impact on your daily life. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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