It's Time To Ban Ignorance And Let Intellectual Integrity Win

By a 4-1 vote, intellectual integrity won in Florida’s Supreme Court yesterday. The South Florida gun-control organization Ban Assault Weapons Now, which failed to qualify for the 2020 ballot for their proposed ban of “assault weapons” also failed to qualify for the 2022 ballot. The reason, quoting the majority of opinion of the court. The proposal “affirmatively misleads voters”.While I’ve exposed the motivation of the Ban Assault Weapons Now from the onset of their creation, it was last October in which I brought you this story.

The use of the terms gun violence and assault weapons aren’t new. They’ve been intentionally marketed that way by agenda-driven leftists and their useful friends in the news media for quite some time now. That’s not to say there’s a single time I’ve ever heard either used that I haven’t bristled at the bastardization of language and the insulting of my intelligence. I know I’m far from alone. I’ve heard from you consistently too. I’m proposing a new initiative. It’s called Ban Ignorance Now. The goal of BIN is to put an end to the epidemic of ignorance being perpetuated by the terms “gun violence” and “assault weapons”. 

Let’s start with “gun violence”, is it possible for a gun to be violent? It’s not a trick question. There also, by definition, is no such thing as gun violence. It’s quite literally not possible. And I guess it makes sense that if you’re suggesting an inanimate object can be violent you might use a term like assault weapon. 

Now, how’s it possible to use “a thing” to inflict harm and it not be “assaulting”? What would an example of a non-assault weapon be? Wouldn’t it just be easier and correct to say, “ban weapons”? Or most specifically guns since that’s what this is about? Oh, wait that’s right, that’d require being intellectually honest. 

As part of my mission to overcome the ignorance epidemic at Ban Ignorance Now, I need you my informed and intellectually honest friend in knowledge to stand up to those who espouse the ignorance of gun violence and banning assault weapons. Together we can inform and put an end to the proliferation of a marketing scam pulled together by ideologues and carried out by useful tools in the news media.

Ignorance can only be fixed with information and you have to have people willing to learn. As long as we live in a society in which people see an inanimate object and are more afraid of it than a person who would harm people with it, they’ll be work to do. But for now, BIN Wins!

Photo by: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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