COVID-19 June 4th Update

Perhaps the biggest coronavirus related news Wednesday was about George Floyd. An autopsy performed into his wrongful death revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 in early April. It’s not clear if the virus contributed to the asphyxiation brought about by former officer Derek Chauvin. The surprise development put renewed focus on concerns regarding protests potentially leading to additional spread of the virus. 

Around the world, the news wasn’t the best Wednesday. Largely due to continued issues in Brazil and Russia, it was the third-highest day for newly diagnosed cases since the pandemic began. There are now, 6,585,506 cases, 388,244 deaths, and 3,181,128 recoveries. The news was a bit better stateside as the US still accounted for over 20,000 new cases, however, the figure was near the bottom of the two-week trend, but the total of active cases continued to drop across the country as well. We now have 1,902,031 cases, 109,146 deaths, and 688,670 recoveries.

While April 24th proved to be the peak day for newly diagnosed cases, May 30th was actually the peak day for total active cases in the United States. We’ve seen a steady decline in active cases since last Friday’s peak. With over 109,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19, it is the deadliest virus in the United States since the 1918 pandemic which killed an estimated 500,000 people.

In Florida, the news wasn’t good. We have 58,764 cases and 2,567 deaths due to COVID-19. With 1,317 newly diagnosed cases on Wednesday, we saw a greater than doubling of new cases over Tuesday and it was the second-highest day for new cases in our state to date. The peak day for new cases was April 17th. It’s certainly not the news we wanted as Phase Two reopening was announced for most of the state on Friday as well. 

Florida continues to outperform the country as a whole, though Wednesday’s spike in new cases led to Florida passing Michigan for 8th in total cases nationally while we remain 11th in deaths. One bit of good news, the overall positive test rate in Florida dropped to a new low of 5.4% Wednesday-less than half of the peak rate of 11%. As a reminder, the newest diagnosed cases are new cases obtained through community spread. This reinforces the importance of adhering to the warnings of public officials including social distancing and wearing masks in public.

Photo by: Getty Images

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