Q&A – What’s The Best Way To Address Impeachment In The Senate

Today’s entry: Hey Brian! Are you in favor of a Senate trial on impeachment or a quick acquittal or something similar from McConnell? I kind of lean towards a trial to expose the truth to CNN and MSNBC viewers who would otherwise never find out about it.

Bottom Line: There’s no doubt the impeachment process has been little more than pure politics in motion. Anyone paying any attention, regardless of political leanings, is aware of the desire by many on the left to impeach President Trump. The plot had been established that President Trump should be impeached for over two years due to collusion with Russia. A plot ironically that Democrat operatives and corrupt government officials themselves created. Outlets like the aforementioned CNN and MSNBC along with leftist allies in Congress spoke breathlessly of the coming bombshells that would take Trump down due to the Mueller investigation. The very investigation that revealed there never was collusion with Russia by Donald Trump. That created panic and a Democrat planned impeachment needing to find an angle took hold with another conspiracy. A whistleblower who wasn’t a witness to a crime that was never committed with Ukraine and here we are. I mentioned the backstory to establish the premise of the impeachment. It’s false. 

I reject, and any American who cares more about this country than politics should reject the premise of the impeachment. As you’ll hear me say if the premise of anything is false anything built upon it is as well. Therefore, my preferred approach in the Senate is to dismiss this sham as efficiently as possible and instead spend time engaged in anything constructive. I understand the desire to fully expose those responsible for the bogus Russian collusion narrative in a way that even news media omission can’t hide but I don’t think an impeachment trial is the time and place. Plus, it’d require embracing a false premise. Instead, I believe the time and place for accountability for those who’ve wronged this country and president is waiting right around the corner. It’ll be in the courtroom prosecuted by attorney US John Durham. And that’s where real accountability can take place that’s not possible in a Senate impeachment trial. 

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