What All Those Snacks Do To Your Bottom.......Line

How much do you think you'll spend on snack foods in your lifetime?

Moonstruck Chocolate asked 2,000 people their opinions on snacks and the lengths they would go to for free snacks for a lifetime.

While 16% would absolutely shave their head, another 18% even said they would give up all their electronics for one month.

The researchers figured the average American will spend about $30,000 in their lifetimes on sweet or salty snacks. They arrived at that number by estimating the average amount of money Americans spend on snacks per week: $9.22, by their calculations, which adds up to $479.44 per year. Over an average lifetime, that comes to $28,766.40.

According to StudyFinds, the survey also delved into what Americans like to snack on the most, and how they pair their snacks. In all, 37% said they preferred a sweet snack, 34% prefer a salty snack, and the rest could go either way. No matter the preference, almost all snackers enjoy potato chips; 80% of sweet snackers and 84% of salt enthusiasts cited potato chips as a regular staple of their snacking diet.

Sweet snackers tend to love milk chocolate with 83% citing it as their “go-to” snack. Chocolate wasn’t as popular with salty snackers, but 63% still said it was among their favorites, just behind potato chips.

Combining chocolate with other treats is a common practice among Americans as well; 40% of all snackers surveyed said they like to combine chocolate with caramel, and 39% enjoy chocolate-nut combinations.

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