Quality Over Quantity; The Key To Meaningful Friendships

What sounds best on the surface? To be younger with lots of friends or older with few friends? Since I asked the questions you might figure out where I’m going with this but otherwise most would probably be somewhat surprised. In a study published in Psychology and Aging of overall wellbeing., it’s best to be older with few friends. Why? 

Those who're older with a few close friends generally have the best overall wellbeing. This jibes with other recent studies which have shown those with many friends are often the unhappiest and those with smaller, closer friendships are happiest. This study ties age into it as well. One new wrinkle in this study demonstrates the difference between generations when it comes to the treatment of friends. 

Younger adults, which have grown up with the internet age, often associate social media as part of the network of friendom. In other words, even real-world friends are interacted with impersonally and without deeper connections that are specific to the friends themselves. Older generations, while they may still use social media, will use social media for social purposes but not to specifically interact with close friends. The personal connectivity has a lot to do with the quality of the relationship. 

I thought that added cog in the puzzle was interesting and instructive. To better friendships and a happier you.

Photo by: Getty Images

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