Police on Alert as Joker Movie Premiers

If you plan to see The Joker at the movie theater this weekend, prepare to see a big police presence too.

Police agencies across the country say they'll also have plain clothes officers inside some theaters too amid concerns of an incel attack.

'If something happens inside one of the screenings, we intend to be able to pacify the situation quickly and conclusively,' a police source told Deadline.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "Alamo Drafthouse Cinema published a warning to parents about Warner Bros.’ controversial film. The company, which operates 40 theaters coast to coast, told parents the movie is not for kids and has 'overall bad vibes.'"

The Daily Mail reports: "Major theater chains have responded with their own measures. Landmark Theaters, which has 52 locations nationwide, is banning masks, costumes or any face paint at screenings of Joker.

Other theater chains plan to implement bag checks and metal detector wands for opening weekend, among other visible and behind-the-scenes measures, according to industry sources.

Some also fear that the movie could inspire a copycat of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, where gunman James Holmes killed 12 at the opening weekend of The Dark Night Rises, another Batman film."

Reaction has been strong — from critics both praising and decrying the film, and from those charged with keeping theatergoers safe.

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