Hurricane History For October

When it comes to hurricanes season, it’s always nice to put September in the rearview mirror. In addition to being the most active month of the hurricane season, it’s also a turning point for activity but maybe not to the extent you might think. Of the six months of hurricane season, October ranks third behind September and August. So, we’re certainly not off the hook just yet, as many South Floridians hit by Wilma can attest to. 

Since tracking began in 1851, 82% of all tropical storms and hurricanes occur prior to October. So, despite a third of the season being left on the calendar, we’ve got less than a fifth of the activity to go this hurricane season if history continues to be a guide. During October, we average two tropical storms and one hurricane.

Let’s hope that if they form, they stay away from Florida. An average of about one tropical storm or hurricane makes landfall in the US every three years during October. The wind is at our back, pun intended, as we head down the home stretch of this year’s hurricane season.

Photo by: NOAA via Getty Images



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