Q&A – Why Don’t Republicans Fight Harder Against The Impeachment Inquiry

Today’s entry - So it is OK for Biden to threaten Ukraine to withhold funds if they didn't fire a prosecutor investigating his son's company, but not all right for Trump to ask Ukraine to look into this, and also to get to the bottom of their involvement in 2016 Steele Dossier, something Bob Mueller should have done. And for this, the Dems and their media cronies want to impeach Trump? When are these weak-kneed Republicans like Graham, Scott, Rubio, Grassley, McConnell, et al, going to get some cojones?

Bottom Line: Understanding that what you’re asking is at least somewhat rhetorical, you’re voicing the frustrations of many. I think I can illustrate a point about what is and isn’t going on here. 

Is it ok, for then VP Joe Biden, to have done what he even admits to having done aiding his son Hunter Biden with a Ukranian company paying him $50k per month to essentially do nothing? Probably not. But then again, was the handling of Benghazi and the lies advanced to explain why Americans were left to die acceptable? Was the Clinton-Obama Uranium One deal acceptable? Was Hillary Clinton’s private email service acceptable? Was the creation of the Steel Dossier by the DNC and Clinton campaign in conjunction with numerous top-level officials at Justice, the Intelligence agencies and State Department acceptable? Now, before feeling that all accountability for real crimes committed against the interests of this country goes unchecked, they’re not. AG William Barr’s investigations which have brought about a recommendation for one of the actors, former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, to be indicted. That’s why the air of desperation to take out Trump and Barr has reached new levels. 

You’ll notice in the whistle-blower letter a very specific effort to attempt to ensure the removable of AG Barr, not just President Trump. In the here and now, he’s a bigger issue for those who committed illegal acts against the interests of our country. I pointed out what appeared to be happening from the day he took office when he was only confirmed on a partisan vote after near-unanimous consent by Democrats when he was AG under George H.W. Bush. Remember, those on the left railed against Jeff Sessions being AG at first until they realized he wasn’t investigating the deep-state actors. By the end of Sessions role as AG, the very Democrats who said he should never be AG were then suggesting he had to stay. The dishonest news media just didn’t illustrate the point.

Now, 13 out of 301 Republican members of Congress in 2015, only 13 supported candidate Donald Trump prior to the 2016’s primary process. Only 4% of the elected Republicans in Washington who wanted Donald Trump to be President to the same degree that Republican primary voters and eventually the American people did. None of the five you specifically asked about were among them, though Rick Scott wasn’t in Congress at the time. The Wall Street Journal certainly wasn't pro-Trump from the onset either. I’ll use a military reference that’s analogous. There’s a difference between signing up for service during wartime and being drafted into it. 

For the past couple of years, I’ve shared the sentiment that President Trump’s most important function as President will be accountability for deep-state actors, no policy, no matter how good policy may be. For the casual listener at times that might have seen dramatic. Now it should make sense. The deep state wasn’t built in a day and taking it out won’t happen in one either but I’m extremely thankful for a patriot like William Barr who chooses to go back into battle because he knows how important the outcome of this war will be.

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