Gov. Ron DeSantis Shines In Florida

It’s exceedingly rare to have a politician in a swing state have the approval of partisans of all stripes but that’s exactly what Ron DeSantis has been able to do. From the onset, Governor DeSantis’s rapid journey to bipartisan approval was unlikely given the brutality of the campaign and thin margin of victory. Undeterred, Gov. DeSantis marched ahead with his campaign promises and agenda. As a result, he is more popular today statewide than previously. 

During his first quarter as governor, DeSantis had a +34% approval rating. Today, as we’re getting ready to enter the fourth quarter, here’s where he stands based on Morning Consult’s info. 

Average approval rating: 

  • Democrats:+4%
  • Independents:+31%
  • Republicans:+78%
  • Overall:+37%

There aren’t many things that most Floridians agree on, regardless of the issue or politician, but Governor DeSantis is one of them. 

Photo by: Getty Images

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