What The Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is About Pt. 3

Does anyone find it unusual that a whistle-blower report about alleged quid-pro-quo activity between President Trump and Ukraine from July, two months ago, just suddenly broke last week? Does anyone else find it interesting that after three days of reporting this story we’re then told that the whistle-blower wasn’t even a witness and is biased against President Trump? Look, President Trump has authorized the release of the transcript to expose this latest charade for what it is but make no mistake what’s behind it. Attorney General William Barr’s investigation is closing in on a myriad of conspirators against Donald Trump from the 2016 Election cycle. At this point, the only way to potentially put an end to it is to put an end to the Trump administration. Desperate people do desperate things. 

With so much effort put into the original conspiracy, with two years of a failed effort to tie him to Russia and impeach him for Russian collusion, they weren’t just going to walk away. Especially with Andrew McCabe having every reason to want to cooperate with the Justice Department’s investigation as it considers his prosecution. This is it. Crunch time for the deep state. This impeachment inquiry is their Hail Mary. Expect an interception in the end zone. There are two sides to stories and one side to facts. For over 17 months I’ve incrementally brought you the new facts that’d led us to the point. My confidence in AG Bill Barr bringing Justice back to the Justice Department remains. Stand. By. For. News.



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