What The Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is About Pt. 1

The deep state or even one administration weren't built in a day and it’s not going to down without a fight. From February 2nd, 2018 the day the House intelligence investigation into the Steel Dosier, FISA warrant requests and wiring tapping of Trump associates was dropped we’ve been building up to this moment. Think of how desperate people had to be to create a fraudulent narrative of Trump-Russia collusion and to pursue it for two years. Now, imagine after that effort failed how desperate you’d be if you were one of the deep state actors involved?

This isn’t about Ukraine. This isn’t about $400 million in aid they received from us, which is a whole other issue worth discussing. This is about Attorney General William Barr’s investigation closing in on deep-state actors and the catalyst is the DOJ’s recent indictment recommendation for one of the actors, Andrew McCabe. My 30 Count Indictment will help you understand. 

  • Both the DOJ and the FBI petitioned the FISA court to begin to surveil a Trump campaign adviser (Carter Page) on October 21st, 2016
  • The application had to be certified by the FBI's Director or Deputy Director & The AG, Deputy AG, or Assistant AG to the NSA.  
  • The initial warrant on Carter Page was issued & renewed three times (every 90 days) - which lasted through the campaign, the election, the President-elect period and early days as President 
  • FBI Director James Comey signed three warrants 
  • Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe signed one 
  • Deputy AG, Sally Yates signed at least one 
  • Deputy AG, Dana Boenta signed at least one 
  • Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein signed at least one 
  • Christopher Steele was an FBI source
  • Christopher Steele was paid over $160,000 by the DNC and Clinton campaign to create it via the law firm Perkins Coie & Fusion GPS 
  • The purpose was to obtain "derogatory information" on Trump ties to Russia
  • The funding of the dossier by the DNC & Clinton Campaign was never disclosed to the FISA court
  • The DOJ and FBI officials who signed off on it knew that the DNC & Clinton Campaign paid for it to be created 
  • The FISA requests left the sourcing of the dossier out of the warrant request, despite knowing it was Fusion GPS... 
  • The FBI authorized an additional payment to Christopher Steele for the dossier 
  • On September 23rd of 2016 Yahoo News ran a story linking Carter Page to Moscow that was used in the FISA requests as corroborating evidence 
  • Christopher Steele leaked the story to Yahoo News 
  • The FISA request states that Steele wasn't the source of the Yahoo story 
  • In a British court, Christopher Steele cited that he was the source of the Yahoo News story 
  • Perkins Coie - the DNC & Clinton law firm used for the Dossier funding was aware of the Steele leak  
  • Perkins Coie held a meeting with Steele and Fusion GPS after the leak to discuss the matter 
  • Steele was suspended and fired after revealing he was an FBI source to Mother Jones on October 30th 
  • After being fired by the FBI he maintained contact with the Justice Department - specifically Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr and senior officials who were direct reports to Deputy AG's Salley Yates and later Rod Rosenstein 
  • In September of 2016, Christopher Steele told Deputy AG Bruce Ohr "was desperate that Donald Trump not be elected" 
  • Deputy AG Bruce Ohr's wife was employed during this time by Fusion GPS to cultivate the dossier  
  • Deputy AG Bruce Ohr provided his wife's research, paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign to the FBI 
  • Deputy AG Bruce Ohr's wife's role was never disclosed to the FISA court 
  • FBI Counter-intelligence Assistant Director Bill Priestap cited the dossier investigation as only being in its quote "infancy" at the time of the initial FISA warrant request  
  • FBI Director James Comey offered a summation of the dossier to President-Elect in January of 2017 Trump despite its lack of corroboration 
  • Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified in December of 2017 that the warrants wouldn't have been issued without the Dossier

Once you’ve accounted for all the deep-state actors currently under investigation by Attorney General William Barr, you understand the sense of desperation that would have ensued once Andrew McCabe faced indictment. In one of my stories from earlier this year, I stated. 

Now that the Muller Report has dropped and it’s evident once and for all that there wasn’t Trump-Russia collision that led President Trump to victory in 2016, the question becomes one of what’s next? This can go one of two ways. 

#1: AG William Barr ends this egregious chapter in American history and moves on

#2: AG William Barr begins the accountability process for the deep-state actors who fraudulently conspired against Donald Trump and later his administration

So, where do we go from here? Turn the page or turn up the heat on the deep state? I believe the time for accountability beings now.

That was March 25th, long before the recently recommended indictment of Andrew McCabe. Clearly, I was onto something. Again, this isn’t about Ukraine, this is the last desperate maneuver by the deep state to save itself from accountability. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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