What Do Our Favorite Seasons Say About Us?

Psychology is a funny thing. From viewing a glass half full or half empty to our mood changes based on the time of year, we're complicated creatures. Fall is officially underway and I've noticed people around me saying it's their favorite time of year and I’m inclined to agree. For some people it’s the color of leaves changing, though not so much in South Florida, for others it’s football. It could also be cooler air, the start of the holiday season, etc. Fall does have a lot going for it. In my case, I favor fall, prior to the time change, because of the balance between daylight and night along with warm but comfortable temperatures. The holidays play into it as well. Anyway, I was curious to see if there was research on what seasons we prefer and found recent research on something interesting. The personalities of people based on their favorite season. 

According to psychologists at VeryWellMind.com, this is what seasons say about us based on our favorite season. Let's start with spring, this season is preferred by people who seek out new experiences. Summer is for extroverts who live active lifestyles while fall is favored by people who are desirous of change and tend to be sentimental. Lastly, we've got winter and it's the season for introverted people who tend to be homebodies.

Do you agree or disagree? It makes sense to me. If I were to rate the seasons in order of my preference they’d be fall, spring, summer, and winter. It plays into my desire for balance and stability. 

Photo by: Getty Images

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