Pets Are Often Just As Fat As People

It’s not exactly news that the heavier we are the heavier our pets tend to be as well. Unless it’s new information to you, in which case, now you know. But as more pets are becoming pudgy, along with their parents, more research is being done on the pudgy pooches. The latest study from the University of Copenhagen found that an obese dog owner is 250% more likely to have an obese pet.

Certainty not an outlier is it? In fact, 39% of adults are now obese and 35% of dogs are as well. The biggest difference between obese dogs and non-obese dogs comes down to snaking. Obese dogs are commonly fed table scraps and given treats without specific reasons. The average non-obese dog isn’t generally fed table scraps and treats are used as rewards for behavior and training. And just as is the case with us, living large comes at a cost. In the case of the average obese dog, owners are loving their dogs to death 1.3 years sooner. 

If that sounds familiar and you want your best friend around a lot longer, maybe they could be the motivation for both of you.

Photo by: Getty Images

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