We Have Record Food Allergies

Record food allergies

Bottom Line:When it comes to diagnosing record food allergies being documented, I’ve come to learn that it’s likely not a matter of more people having food allergies. It’s likely a byproduct of the medical establishment doing a better job diagnosing food allergies. The BBC reviewed food-allergies for a 20-year window from 1995 through 2015 and found around a doubling of diagnosed food allergies, with some categories seeing an increase of up to 500%. 

While some, that induce immediate life-threatening issues like those with extreme nut-allergies face – have been obvious. Many others haven’t been. Based on what I’ve studied and witnessed with my wife Ashley,and a myriad of other people with celiac disease, I’m not the least bit surprised by the jump over that twenty-year window. In 1995 every woman in Ashley’s immediate family (mom & two sisters) had a significant food allergy. It wasn’t until around 2010 they were properly diagnosed. 

As many people are looking for answers to issues, especially with food if you or someone in your family seems to have issues with certain foods, it might be that there’s a bigger issue that’s gone undiagnosed. Just as Ashley was on three prescription drugs to deal with the symptoms of her food allergy before being diagnosed - I'm sure many others experience different versions of similar things. Many will say that certain food “doesn’t agree with them”. That could be a tell. Regardless, knowing what you should and shouldn’t be putting in your body is always a good idea. These days with much improved diagnosis it can be life changing.

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