Vaping Is Killing Hundreds

Just as we experienced record-low smoking rates for traditional cigarettes, including with teens, we saw the explosion of vaping enter the mix. Already there’s been a connection between vaping an increased likelihood of smoking traditional cigarettes but even that’s becoming less of an immediate concern given the outbreak of vaping deaths being reported across the country.

Two years ago, just under 12% of high school students vaped. According to a Monitoring the Future study, the number now of those who’ve at least tried it during high school stands at 43%. Like any new chemical, the longer-term impact of use is still to be determined. We most likely won’t fully understand the scope of challenges and health risks for those who vape for decades to come. That being said, we now have at least 450 deaths attributed to vaping nationwide. On Friday alone, three additional states reported new vaping related deaths. 

The question now is, what’s driving this? Number one, the increased usage cited. Two, “chemical exposure” according to the CDC and finally cocktailing. 

There have been deaths of traditional vapes reported as part of the 450 deaths, but it appears that cocktailing, or vaping non-traditional vaping products is likely the cause of many if not most of these deaths. The most common cocktail product appears to be THC based liquids. The ease of availability in many states is driving this case and it’s quickly getting out-of-hand. While the feds investigate it’s important to keep tabs on our kids. Vaping is proving to be deadly, not just addictive and all it takes is once for something to get out of hand before it’s too late. 

Photo by: Eva Hambach/AFP/Getty Images

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