Protecting South Florida A Tribute To Those Who Serve & Sacrifice

This weekly feature is meant to recognize those who've paid the ultimate price while serving their communities. It's also a reminder of what our police risk to keep us safe.                

This is the unfortunate news, 148 officers died in the line of duty in 2018 and for the first time on record that was the top cause of death was murder. Moreover, 85 officers have died while serving in 2019 and six of those were unfortunately in Florida.

It’s been an especially unfortunate couple of weeks since the previous update. We’ve lost an additional six members of law enforcement. In California, Deputy Carlos Cammon died during SWAT training exercises. In Illinois, Trooper Nicholas Hopkins was murdered as he executed a search warrant on a property. He’s survived by his wife and three children. In Texas, Deputy Jose Blancarte died from a heart attack while responding to a fire. He’s survived by his wife and four children. In Texas, Trooper Moises Sanchez was murdered as he pursued a hit-and-run driver. He’s survived by a wife and three children. In Mississippi, Deputy Jeremy Voyles died in an accident while conducting a narcotics investigation. He’s survived by a wife and two children. In New York, Undersheriff Stephen McCloud died from cancer attributed to his work as a first responder on 9/11. He’s survived by a wife and two children. 

In addition to losing 85 officers this year, there are 48 widows and 103 children who’ve lost a parent. Please remember the families. 

The average age of the fallen, 43. The average tour of duty, 13 years.

Remember to back the badge and spread the word. Media often aren't there for our law enforcement, but we can be. Let our police, and their families, know we support them every chance you get. They need it, now more than ever, just as we need them more than ever.

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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