Wrangler Captures Massive 700-lb-plus Gator

A massive "dinosaur" sized gator in Augusta was becoming dangerous to the public so police and a gator wrangler found the beast and trapped it. WOW!

Richmond County authorities where having trouble wrangling in a massive 700-plus pound gator that was terrorizing kayaker in Augusta, so they enlisted help from the professionals. According to WJBF-TV, Trey Durant, licensed gator hunter, and his buddy Robby Amerson saw the deputies fighting hard with the huge gator, so they jumped in to help. It took them over 2 hours to finally get the gator wrapped up and tagged.

They shared a picture on their FB page of what they called "a sure enough dinosaur" in the comments. It was 10 1/2-foot, 360-pounds of pure muscle.

This is about half the size of another Georgia gator that went viral a few month ago. In southwest Georgia wildlife officials found this 700-lb gator in an irrigation ditch. WHAT DOES THAT THING EAT?

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