Hurricane Dorian Exposure For Floridians

Perhaps the most underappreciated impact of a hurricane is what happens after it’s over. And for Floridians, it’s proven to be the most dangerous time and again. Brutally hot summer days and no power for an extended period of time have proven to be deadly. Being prepared for what comes after the storm when you may not have power or access to additional supplies for an extended period of time can be the most important prep of all. Take hurricane Irma for example. 92 people died in the US due to the storm but only ten during the storm. The rest of those deaths are referred to as “indirect”. The majority of indirect deaths are due to exposure. 

It’s important that you plan for the long game. What will you do if you lose power for several days or if your generator gives out? Do you have enough food and water? Do you have family members who are frail and might be vulnerable to exposure? These questions might sound extreme until you’ve lived for a week or more without power. It’s the biggest mistake otherwise prepared people to discount in storms. What’s your plan? Make sure you account for it. 

Photo by: ERIKA SANTELICES/AFP/Getty Images


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