What's ERIC And What Does It Means To Floridians?

This week Governor DeSantis announced that Florida was joining the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). ERIC cross-references voter registration information across all participating states helping to ensure voters aren’t registered in multiple states and aiding in the cleaning of voter rolls with deceased voters. But what’s behind this and how will it impact you?

ERIC is a Washington D.C. based non-profit formed with the backing of the Pew Research Center in 2012. It’s run by the states that participate. Every state has a designated board member tasked with oversight. Pew felt it was a necessary initiative after their research turned up nearly 2 million deceased voters still listed as active voters across the country and 2.75 million people registered to vote in multiple states. 

Last year alone, with just 19 states and DC participating at the time just over 2.6 million voter records were corrected. That included 2.3 million people who had moved, more than 177,000 voters registered in multiple states and over 37,000 deceased voters. 

Florida is the 29th state to participate in the program. As you can see, it’s rapidly growing, as more states have realized the need for this type of information to sure up voter rolls and to help prevent potential voter fraud. Every federal election cycle we will be contacted to confirm that we are still active voters with current information on file with the state. 

Photo by: J.D. Pooley/Getty Images

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