First Robocalls, Now Robotexts

Just as we’re starting to see signs that we might be making some progress to curb robocalls, there's a new warning from the FTC. It’s about robotexts. Scam texts aren’t new but as scammers become desperate to find targets, they're breaking all the stops to attempt to get through you. Part of the reason robotexts haven’t been as abusive as robocalls is the difference in texting vs calling regulations. Any commercial texting without your approval is illegal. That’s made it easier for service providers to cut off most of the scammers at the pass. But that doesn’t mean the scammers aren’t trying harder than ever before to get to you. 

Service providers report stopping around 530 million scam texts per month. That’s a number that’s doubled over the past year. With so many attempts, some get through. According to the FTC, about 3% of texts are now scams. And that’s where the new warning comes in. The FTC asks that you report any text scamming. Additionally, they’re warning to not even reply “stop” to a text you didn’t opt into. That’s often used as a way to confirm a legitimate target for scammers. 

Photo by: Getty Images



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